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Cancel services

Just Moved In
This is getting unreal. I have called three times to cancel my optic tv service. Every time I get hassled as to why and keep placing me on hold. Finally the third time it apparently worked. I asked if I would get email confirmation and was told yes I would, not surprising I never did. Now may 1 has come and gone and optik tv is still fully functional. Who can I complain to. This is now bordering on criminal charging me for a service I keep trying to cancel for a month. And this is after being with Telus for 8 years. We now cancelled our phone service because of this as well and that was easier to transfer to someone else. This is just a nightmare

Community Manager
Community Manager

That doesn't sound right. I'll send you a private message to discuss further.


If you are determined to cancel, then stop using it and stop paying for it. As long as you turn it on you must pay. Can't have it both ways. Pull the plug so they cannot ping your hardware and prove you are using the service.


I was afraid I would have that problem going in the other direction.  Cancelling Rogers TV.  No problem at all.  They just asked why I was cancelling but didn't try push back at all.