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Deceptive Practices


We recently had a Telus agent visit our home, lured by the promise of their fiber optic line. Initially, we were skeptical as Telus had previously informed us that fiber optic wasn't available in our area. However, the agent assured us it was now accessible and offered a great deal, including better internet speed and cable quality.

We mentioned our occasional connectivity issues with Shaw, especially in some areas due to our property's size and were told that wouldn't be a problem with Telus. They even claimed they could provide special boosters for full coverage, including our second house.

Excited by the prospect, we agreed to switch. Fiber optic was installed, but when another Telus agent visited for finalization, things took a turn. We were informed the promised boosters would cost an extra $10/month each, and our main house (4,500 sq.f) exceeded the coverage range for Telus booster (3,200sq.f), requiring another booster at $10/month. Moreover, the second house would need to be hardwirid and that they can do it for all in $400 if we agree today.


Feeling deceived, we decided to cancel everything. We returned the internet boxes and decided to stay with Shaw, only to find our services got disconnected by shaw at Telus's request.


It's frustrating to realize Telus and its agents might have used deceptive sales tactics to secure the deal. The lack of accountability and transparency, especially when trying to resolve issues and finding out that we are begin ghosted by the agent, left us feeling ignored and misled.


In the end, we hope sharing our experience will prompt Telus to reassess its sales practices and prioritize honesty and customer satisfaction.

we have also filed a complaint with BBB trying to bring this to everyone's attention.



First of all, if you have such a big house and another house, why don't you put whatever your provider's modem is in "bridge" mode and put up your own multi node Wi-Fi setup?  You can get one where the backplane is wired so  you don't have to put them so close together.  If you have a "second house" on the same lot, they will be able to take care of that, but no provider is going to give you a "second house" connection for free if it is not in the same area where it can be served by one connection to the ISP.  Finally, any provider is going to have problems from time to time.  If you are getting problems with Shaw/Rogers, then do ping or speed tests, call them out, repeatedly, until it is fixed.  Also, I don't know why this is under mobility.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.