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Telus TV21T Picture Quality/Telus won’t cancel

Hey guys,

I’ve been paying for almost a year and the picture quality mainly on the regular hd channels is horrendous still. Watching the playoffs has been the last straw for me. Sportsnet+ provides a less pixelated feed. The 4K channels they look decent, I think Telus has a future with this platform but not at this time. Just a FYI for future people that they won’t let you cancel after the 30 day period even though they can’t provide a 1080p feed on the HD channels (this was said on the forums that they use 720p when broadcasts are in 1080p/i.)

I am out 100s of dollars because of this.

Disappointed would be an understatement.


Are you sure it's not your connection?  I believe the system is designed to try downgrade the quality automatically if your connection can't handle it.   I just got Telus TV and was having issues with my connection and that is what I noticed.  Are you looking at stats somewhere to determine the quality or is it just a visual determination?  I have the 21T and would like to try check that myself.  Most channels look like 1080p to me but not 100% sure.

Just Moved In

I'm really glad to see this post here. I just switched from Shaw and have noticed a serious decline in video quality.  I'm no expert, and don't necessarily trust my eyes to be totally honest, but when the camera pans quickly from left to right while watching a hockey game is when I notice it the most. I would describe it more as blurry than pixelated.


And same here, I have high hopes for the new  platform. I'm glad to see what seems to be a high level of engagement by the development team. Fingers crossed the promise matches the reality and we see some real improvements, particularly in the UI, but also in this key performance aspect.  Obviously, the picture has to be up to snuff. 


I'll take your idea and watch games on the SN app for now. It solves another problem that the recording doesn't either, a) automatically go to the end of the game or b) let you set an end time well out in the future so you don't miss some massive triple overtime game that you didn't watch live. (If that last item is a storage issue, simply go back to capping our storage size, and let us manage which recordings we prioritize.)