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Optik tv software update 2019

So my mother got a dark mode optik tv software update recently and my dad hasn't got it yet I don't think so. My moms in the area of 168th and my dad 156th street.. And FYI my mom hates the new update

Community Power User
Community Power User
Power cycle the box it will update the new software. Things are easier to read with the darker mode imho.

Yeah I really like the new update. The font is a bit easier to read and the guide is also more crisp. This update aligns the guide styles of Optik with Pik TV so they look like similar products now. Optik TV customers are stored in different "clusters" and many times Telus will roll out a new update to one or two and keep an eye on bug reports or other issues for a week or more before rolling it out to the remaining clusters. Rebooting the boxes will force the update unless it hasn't been enabled on your cluster yet.

I'm wondering this update brought in the backend for blue-sky kinda(mic on remote) of feature like shaw has and if got a performance gain??

I like the update-guide much sharper. Looks good.

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  I agree with your Mother - i hate the new dark colors and font of the guide.  I find it harder to read and makes the whole screen darker so harder to watch TV through the guide while searching.  also has anyone else noticed that all TV now seems darker - i am trying to find my TV remote so i can brighten up the screen.

  Only good thing i have noticed is that programs taped from standard def (stations like metv and channel 806) are faster when doing the 30 second skips.

 I wish they would give us the option to go back to old guide style.

There has never been a choice to go back to earlier firmware.  I even specifically asked them a couple of years ago when after one of the updates it started to give me HDCP 2.2 error.  Anyway, it is always an irreversible process(In fairness to Telus, it is to be expected as otherwise it will be much harder for their Tech support CSRs to keep tab on multiple versions of the software)