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On screen caller display


Is there any chance of changing the background colour of caller display from black to TELUS green ? By doing this it would make the display pop when incoming calls are displayed on tv's



I think this suggestion has merit. It would be useful if you are watching a movie and have the sound cranked up to the point where you may not be able to hear the phone ring. In my home theatre I have the door bell and the phone hooked up to flash an LED light on my component rack for the very same reason.


You can post your suggestion in the Idea section of the Neighbourhood.



I wouldn't think it would take too much work to change it from a black background to green. If it can be black I see no reason not to be able to change it to green. Ok TELUS over to you.

Well I guess this is not going to happen. It would have been nice to receive a reply with the reason for the technicalities of not happening. Surely  someone from TELUS is monitoring this forum ???

Community Power User
Community Power User

Software changes do not occur overnight. They can take quite some time to implement if approved. Updates are usually done periodically and are typically multiple changes in the update and not just one tiny little cosmetic change.

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