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Netflix doesn’t work on TELUS tv now that we switched to SHAW internet

Just Moved In
Help! We kept TELUS tv but switched our internet to SHAW. Now we can’t get Netflix to work.. is this fixable by keeping SHAW internet?

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Not really, it requires TELUS Internet. The reason is quite simple actually.

The Netflix App requires internet to run but your TV box is not connected to your Shaw internet, if that makes sense...

that is correct


Your telus STB are connected to the Optik TV backend, but that is not an open network.

If you choose to not have Telus internet, the STB is unaware there is an internet connection as it is living on it's own network, thus Netflix being unable to connect

Community Power User
Community Power User

Do you have a smart TV with the. Netflix app on it? Maybe a Roku, or Chromecast with a Netflix option? Or Cast from phone to your TV?


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