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Renew $3 Rate Plan SD

My $3 Rate Plan SD did not renew as I did not have enough in my balance. I have had a Telus prepaid account for many many years and was grandfathered into this plan. I have now topped up, but there is no place to choose the $3 Rate Plan SD option. I ...

TrishG by Just Moved In
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Employment discount

I am a retired Air Canada employee but we are no longer given a company email address. So when I am invited to get 30% off, I can't learn about the offer with my yahoo email address.

Getting started my first Telus account !

Hello neighbours! I just created my account this morning. I simply transfer my phone number to Telus. After creating my first Telus command, i downloaded the Telus app.Then i entered my log infos. But it says there is no account with this email.Is it...

Isabeau7 by Just Moved In
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My TELUS logon and activating Call Control

I just added Call Control to my mobile plans and encountered issues with the My TELUS web site. Here are the issues and the work-arounds I used.I think the site is overloaded so some patience is required. Logging on:Errors after entering credentials....

xray by Guardian
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MY TELUS... problem logging in

I tried to log in this morning and got this message. Waited a couple hours to try and log in again only to get the same message. I only attempted once when I first tried logging in this morning so I don't know how I exceeded the maximum number of uns...

KAREN-NL by Just Moved In
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What is "Account Wide Calling"?

Greetings, I wanted to check to see how much a long distance call would cost. It says that one of my included services is "Unlimited Account Wide Calling". What is this? Does it mean that its free to call someone on my same account? Because there isn...

Shane by Leader
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Credit Rating Affected *AFTER* Closing Account

I have been with Telus for years - I guess I still am technically since I swapped to Koodo.I swapped to Koodo a couple of months ago as they had a pretty good "Bring your own device" plan that was far better than my current phone. The thing is, I had...