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Resolved! Epp offers

I’m currently enrolled in the exclusive partner program and I’m trying to check out my offers but I cannot receive the confirmation email because the company I work for doesn’t allow emails from outside the company to come through. What do I do? Than...

Ashley3 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Account compromised

My account was compromised. At 11pm, June 16 to 5:00am, June 17, my account had 10KB used. I'm old, lol, and was in bed during this time. Telus is saying they can't see what is being used but can see if it was my handset. I definitely did not use thi...

TKBK by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Change plan problem

We currently have a pair of:Peace of Mind - Unlimited Canada-US talk, text, and endless data (10GB High Speed)with the family discount.But doesn't look like we'll be going anywhere near the USA anytime soon so would like to change our plans to:Peace ...

brulaz by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Get Plan Details

Greetings, There is a $100 charge for text messages on my most recent bill. This wasn't mentioned when I signed up for the "10GB Promo shareable Unlimited nationwide talk and text Platinum 115". I know it's too late now, but how can I get the details...

Shane by Leader
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Resolved! Telus cannot process my payment for a prepaid mobile plan.

Hi, I am trying to purchase the "Nationwide Talk, Text & Data 45 for 30 days" prepaid plan for my TELUS prepaid phone. When I use my VISA card and click the purchase button on the Submit screen, I get this error: "Sorry, this service is down at the m...

pEric by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Port protection

How do I add this to prevent unauthorized access when hacker tries to switch my number to another provider?

Bobinvan by Just Moved In
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Resolved! mysterious charges for $0.01

I continue to receive multiple charges for $0.01, occurring at random times, often in the middle of the night. I have SMS off, but the MMS is on. The charges are identified as "data usage". Can someone please explain to me what the usage charge is fo...

Resolved! Link account to another account in my name

I have one account for my home services. I also have a separate account for tablet with cell. I want to link them. In android app after I enter account info to be linked it says admin has to approve. My name is the only one on account so who is admin...

LisaC by Just Moved In
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