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Unable to browse for new device on both desktop website or app.


I am looking to potentially purchase a new device, or rather, price one out, but I have been unable to access this on the website and the app. The former keeps showing as "Page not found" and the latter won't even press / load. I would really rather not go in store if I can help it.


I do also have an EPP plan, not sure if this makes a difference?


Anyone know how to solve this?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, just following up on this. Have you been able to get the page loaded or are you still experiencing an error? You can always reach out to our EPP team directly at 1-866-848-3587 as well!

Hi - I did contact EPP about this and they weren't able to find a solution for me, unfortunately.

I followed her suggestions, which did not solve the problem. The only thing I did not try was loading the page on Google Chrome, as I do not have that browser (and I won't download it for this purpose only). Not sure if this is an issue for other people on EPP plans?


I am having the same issue ever since I switched to EPP a couple months ago. Any solution to this?

Hi there - all web browsers have a "private" or "incognito" mode. Try accessing the site through this mode as it generally does not hold any cache or cookies.


Please let me know if that works!

Unfortunately that does not solve it. Tried private mode in Safari and Chrome on my laptop and phone. Also does not work in the mobile app either.


As my colleague A-B mentioned earlier, it might be worth calling the support team for assistance