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Can’t upgrade plan through My Telus

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I’m currently on a “Your Choice Premium” plan that gives me unlimited talk/text and US coverage, with a 6GB add-on that I share with my wife’s “Your Choice Premium”. Her plan has a bonus 2GB added to the shared data pool. I’d like to switch into the Peace of Mind plans to reduce our overall costs. Currently my device balance is 0, has been for 6 months now. She still has about a year to go on hers, as we run at different upgrade cycles.

I figured I’d see about upgrading my plan, but leaving hers alone until her balance is paid out. Her 2GB would more than cover her usage and she really doesn’t need any of the 6 GB I contribute. When I’m not on the road, combined, we typically use less than 3 GB per month. The extra’s just there if I’m stuck somewhere without local internet access which the Peace of Mind would cover.

However, when I try to browse new plans through My Telus, either mobile app or the website, going to “Change Plan” only lets me change the data portion of my plan. I can’t browse and pick any different base plans.

With the state of things as they are, I don’t want to have to call into customer service, and endure long wait times if this isn’t something I’m going to be allowed to do. They have more pressing matters to deal with.

Can anybody think of why it would be limiting my choices and why I might be locked into my plan even if my device balance is paid off?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Just guessing, but I expect since your plans are joint, you can’t change one without the other.

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