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Application charged two months in a row (did not purchase an app)


2 months in a row I got charged 18.99$ for purchasing an app for which did not purchase. Last month I called Telus and they told me they could not help that I need to call the app company or something. I don't know who to call as my bill only indicates "app purchase". So I let it go, but now another month!?? I won't be surprise if it shows up again this month and so on. Has anyone have this happen to them? If so, what must I do? I've been with Telus since July and I must say, I am not impressed! 


Community Manager
Community Manager

If you're seeing a recurring charge, it might be a subscription. As apps are subscribed to/purchased via your phone's app marketplace (or in the app itself), there isn't a way for TELUS to unsubscribe or refund you but there are steps you can take to mitigate accidental purchases (if that's what happened). Which device do you own?

I have an iphone 13 and no i did not purchase any apps for several years now

Community Manager
Community Manager

You can view your app store purchase history here:


If it's not an App Store purchase, it could be a subscription via SMS so I would suggest checking your SMS history for possible culprits also.

I verified my purchase and i have never paid for an app. And no subscriptions?