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Resolved! Change "Name" to Phone Number - Multiple phones 1 Account

Hi There, I have 55 lines on my bill, and they have names set up to each Phone number. Employees have left, or Trackers have changed units, and I no longer can find the option to "rename" the phone number so I can tell on my bill that say Joe went ov...

Older account

I had an older account with Telus, and in time I combined all my cell phones under one account. In error I accidentally made a bill payment to my older account. I contacted Telus, and this older account being under my spouses name, they wouldn’t help...

Keval by Neighbour
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Resolved! " You wont be charged anything this month"

good afternoon. Just had a quick question. I reviewed my app today and it says under my payment amount " you wont be charged anything this month" and all my payments from january ( i pay weekly to the app) are still there . Shows balance forward from...

BrianP28 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Apple Watch won’t send sms messages

Anyone having issues sending sms messages from their watch when it is not connected to their phone?? The cellular says it has two bars but the message won’t go through...

Iwatch by Just Moved In
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Resolved! scam?

Today I received a phone call from number +1 647 249 7455 with a really nice upgrade for my current plan. I wasn't sure whether to proceed with this offer or not, because I suspected it was a scam call, therefore I asked if I could call back so I wou...

Kim2 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Creating a "manager" for my Telus account

If I am away from home when one of my Telus services (internet, land line etc.) goes down my wife cannot authorize repair services because she is not the account owner. The website speaks of an account "manager" as someone authorized to manage the ac...

johnbygar by Just Moved In
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Resolved! transfer account

My landlord pays for my Telus internet/TVCan I get my landlord to have Telus transfer the account that's in his name to become my account with my permission into my name, so I'm responsible and pay for it?

mirek by Just Moved In
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Resolved! My phonen

How can I find my phone it's a I phone Sr

Kingzley by Just Moved In
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