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EPP Program

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Hello, I wanted to share a frustration I have with your EPP program. My husband and I have been Telus customers for over 20 years. I work for an eligible EPP employer, but my husband does not. In order for him to gain access to the EPP offers, he would need to be housed under one bill with me which is not an issue. The issue is that my husband has been with Telus longer than I have, and if he were to move to the EPP program under my bill, he would effectively lose his 25 years of loyalty to Telus which he is very proud of. This is the only thing that has kept him from enjoying the perks of the EPP offers. If I ever lost my eligibility under the EPP program, I would retain my history with Telus, however he would be starting from scratch as if he were a brand new customer. This should really change and does not show that you value the loyalty of your customers. If I am mistaken, please correct me, but I just spent an hour with a very lovely customer service advisor looking for a solution and was told this would be the case. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

My EPP was managed by the supplier of telecommunications equipment to my then employer. It was totally separate from my previous personal mobility account. The perks were sufficient that the switch was a no brainer. If your husband feels the benefits of his 25 year history outweigh the benefits of moving essentially to a new supplier, then he should stay!


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