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Resolved! Simple Share plans, not so simple

Hi there, I'm currently on the market for a so-calles "family" plan where 2 lines would be combined. Current usage would be: 5GB-ish data, used by one line only, unlimited text and minutes, and of course the mandatory stuff (voicemail, caller ID, cal...

Cubytus by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Worst Customer service

I’ve been trying to get a call back from a supervisor for the past 3 months. TELUS keeps overcharging me and refuse to pull the call where I was promised a certain rate for my plan. Who else is having the same experience? And does anyone have any sug...

Resolved! Credit Reporting

I have never been a Telus customer, however, Telus is reporting an account listed as 120-149 days late to Transunion. I was a customer of PC Mobile in 2018 when they were folding into Koodo. At that time my account was transferred to Koodo. The open ...

Jamie9 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! I want to switch and be credited -The 365 day prepaid My First Phone Plan is not what I expected.

About 6 months ago I signed up for the My First Phone Plan for my son which was a 180 dollar charge for 365 days of unlimited text, and what I thought was 180 minutes per month of daytime calling. It turned out that it was only 180 minutes of calling...

partial charge is a scam

i moved my number over to telus on july 9. i thought my cycle will start that day. today i got my first bill. telus charged me $15 partial charge because my cycle starts on the 15. when i switched to telus no one told me that my cycle starts on the 1...

Resolved! Calling Telus support

New customer here. Called customer support and it is more than 1 hour wait. Did Telus fire most of their call centre employees

Resolved! Canceled prepaid number.

So I’ve been using a prepaid plan for about two years now and recently stopped filling my balance up. I tried to login and top up my account today but apparently my number has been closed/canceled because I haven’t topped up for two months. Is there ...

Ftc777 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus App issues

Hi, my i pressed pay bill on the telus app and it showed to pay my bill to to one account number then .5 seconds later it showed me to pay the bill on another account. I payed the bill on the right account and a few mins later i checked the telus app...

LawofBob by Neighbour
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