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Additional information is required to process

So far I have not received an answer from Telus whichAdditional information is required to process my order and finalize my I already wrote two emails and got no reply so far, it's been 15 days from the payment of my purchaseBest regards Augusto Schi...

Augusto by Just Moved In
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Bring-it-back program. Upgrade after 1 year?

Hey!I was hoping to get Apple’s latest iPhone in a couple of weeks on the bring-it-back contract. I was wondering if I wanted to upgrade after 12 months, rather than 24 months, how much would it cost?It states on the Telus fee you’d pay the bring it ...


Hello all, trying to remedy some bad mistakes. Telus sent my old account to collections and I’ve been ignoring it like a dumb dumb.It says in my credit report that a collections agency has it but it also says that Telus still has it. And when I log i...

Jordo0909 by Just Moved In
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New phone / Keeping current plan.

So I am currently on a 2 year contract with 6 months left. I have an s8 which has been great but recently broke the screen. Also have a $55 plan with 1gb data for $5. My total monthly bill is $66 after taxes and such. I am smitten by this because aft...

sdfjhg by Neighbour
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Split numbers

I have had a contract with two lines about 2 months ago, I want to separate them. it's possible? what should i have done?

Billed for data did not use

Have had a a cell phone for security for about 15 years. Have a most basic plan, only make few calls a month , never give out number,never had a billing problem. Received a bill for data charge in June 2019. When contacted Telus I was told I had to h...

bh79 by Just Moved In
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