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Hi I signed up with Telus and they told me how much I would be paying and my bills are way over what I signed up for. I like to cancel both phones and return both phones. At least with my other provider my bills was always true to what I was promised.

Community Power User
Community Power User

You should first learn why your bills are higher. If purchasing new phones, for instance, the taxes are applied up front. There may also be some services which are billed at full rate for the first period, as it is less that a month. In the second month, the discounts are applied for the period of your contract.

If you purchased in store, you can ask for clarification there, and return your devices and cancel if still dissatisfied. If it was an online purchase, you'll have to contact Telus directly using the options in the 'Contact Us' section at the page footer. If I recall, billing is *227 from your cell.



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