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Transfer number from one Telus account to another.

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I have an old flip phone with which I've been using Telus for a while. I recently bought a new smart phone and intended to continue to use Telus but my old SIM card didn't fit the new phone (standard vs nano size). I bought a new SIM card, activated it online, and started a new plan. My desire is to transfer my old phone number to this new account, however when I try to do this I get the message "Sorry, this phone number is already in use".  Is there any way to move my old Telus number to my new Telus account? For the record, I can still access the old phone to read/send messages from it. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @DM2 normally when you purchase a new deviceit should also come with a sim card.  When you purchased this device, did you activated it as a new client or through your existing account?  

Community Power User
Community Power User

You can't port a number from one post-paid Telus account to another. Usually what you would do upon buying a device requiring a different sized SIM is to register the new SIM number in your existing account. This would move your number to the new SIM, which works in the new phone, and leaves the old SIM without service.

One workaround is to port your current number to a prepaid account, which will cancel your old flip phone account, then port the prepaid number (your former flip phone number) to your new account.


See this search for many details, or this page for the steps to swap SIMS or Accounts. 

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