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What are Telus support hours in Pacific Standard Time?


Every time I call into Telus Support it is minimum an hour long wait and I simply do not have that time as I am a busy person. I just need to know the hours and/or best times to call in for Pacific Standard Time so that I am not waiting forever.



I find I have much better luck either getting through right away or waiting a short time for a call back if I call before 10 am.

Thank you. Pacific Time?

Yes. I've tried later in the day and usually am not offered the call back option and then have a fairly long wait on hold. By the way - I don't know if this problem has been fixed but for a while after you went through the call back set up you would then get an incorrect message saying that the call back option was not available when it actually was. So if you get the message saying that your call back has been scheduled then don't worry what comes next - you will be called back.

How do I use the call back option? I was never offered it at any point on the call

There is nothing you can do to activate the call back option. If they end up putting you on hold then I would hang up and try again - sometimes that will get you the call back option. I think it depends on how many call backs have already been scheduled during the time you call that determines whether or not you will get one when you call in.

Thank you