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I received a fraudulent call 2 weeks ago someone who stated they were from telus and shared all of my information regarding my address,  billing,  products etc. Does this mean telus has been breached? When i called it in there is a note stating that telus did try to call me but the person who called isn't an emplyee ( I followed up with the store who made the alleged call). What does this mean?


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Tanice277 The info is a bit conflicting/confusing. You indicate you've called in to confirm that there are notes to corroborate that someone has called you? I'm not sure what the question is - can you elaborate?

I received a call from telus however I was told that because it had a plus it was a fraudulent call. After the telus agent looked into my account they confirmed that another store in London, Ontario did call me and they provided me the caller's name and the number for the store. I reached out and no one by that name works there. Does that mean these fraudulent people have access to the system?