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Is this text message scam?

Just Moved In

I've suddenly been getting the following text messages:


Telus Communication

There's an issue processing your recent payment. To maintain uninterrupted service. Please update here;


from the following phone number: 306-502-3658. I got 4 within 30 minutes. I blocked the number and did not go to the link. I went online to my account from my laptop, not on my phone, and there hasn't been any recent bill payment nor is any due anytime soon. 


Is this a scam?




Community Power User
Community Power User

Yes it's a scam.


The company name is incomplete. The URL it's pointing you to isn't and the phone number is NOT a Telus number. That's an overseas scam call center.

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Community Power User
Community Power User

Definitely a scam. Here is some additional information should you have further issues:


What is phishing and spam? - Security | TELUS

Just a long time customer hoping to help.