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Legit or a scam?

Just Moved In

I just got a call from Telus - 1-855-255-8828 (caller ID said Telus as well)


Tried offering me discounted phones first, which I declined.


He then asked me what my current plan was ($45 for 30GB), and then offered $30 for 40GB.


I checked the phone number via google search and 1-855-255-8828 did come back to Telus Customer Service.


He then said he would need to send me a new Sim card as the promotion needed to be tied to a new Sim card...seemed kind of fishy to me but I went with it anyway.

Then asked the personal details, name, address, DOB, DL number, DL number expiry. He then wanted a second form of verification, like a passport or SIN number. This is where I said I wouldn't be able to give it to him.


I did forget to mention he asked me earlier in the call what my PIN number was but I legitimately didn't remember it.


So after I said no to the passport/SIN, he said to go reset my PIN online, which I did promptly. Gave him the PIN and he said everything was fine.


I asked him to e-mail me details of the contract right away and he said it wouldn't be done until Monday.


Is this too good to be true or legit?


Community Manager
Community Manager

It's very possible whoever called you had spoofed the number in order to make it seem legit. The number you've provided - while a real TELUS number - is for a completely unrelated department that would have no involvement with our mobile products. If you've provided your personal info, I would report this to the Canada Anti-fraud Centre.


For future reference, you can always ask TELUS reps to note the details of the offer and call back using the phone number found on our official site.