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Collections sent after me and wont leave me alone m

Helpful Neighbour
Telus suspended my home services due to an unpaid bill (my fault but I was sick) and then when I went to get everything up and running again it was a nightmare. But the worst was that 2 weeks after I paid off my bill. I was sent to collections. Now for the last month collections (some lawyers office) wont stop bugging me. I get emails daily.

I have now called Telus 6x about this and no one knows anything. I spend hours on the phone each time and get no answers. They tell me the bill is paid and that collections was never sent after me, yet these people have all my account information.

Telus has refused to help and now sadly I am being forced to go to police to report identity fraud and look for a new service provider.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi HarleyBug


I am sorry that you are experiencing issues. I will be sending you a message so I can look into this with you

Helpful Neighbour
Yes Please
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