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Resolved! email account

What is happening with the TELUS email servers. I can't get access to my email through Outlook on my computer. This problem has been going on for more than 2 days. I phoned the service line and waited for 2 hours to get someone and they said they wer...

Winger1 by Neighbour
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5 months ago I was offered a 4k television in exchange that i sign up for telus optik television. The lady who pitched the sale offered the tv as well as 6 months of 50% off the bill. I clarified with her that it was both and not one or the other. Sh...

TimothyS by Neighbour
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Billing Error

I spent 1.5 hours on the phone October 3 waiting to be ASSURED that Centre Ice would not be autorenewed. Lo and behold I received my Ebill today and there it is. I followed my instruction via yearly email reminder and called before the deadline. How ...

CEECEE87 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Home Phone Appalling Service and Knowledge

In he last nine days I have spent six hours and 42 minutes on line with Telus. I am not able to access my Home Phone account on line under my account or on the Telus app. My two mobility accounts I am able to access. The many different techs have era...

CP308 by Neighbour
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Trouble setting up payment through my bank.

I finally found the answer of which Telus name I need to choose to set up payments through my bank, however it asks for a 10 digit account number but my bill only has a 9 digit number. I tried adding a 0 both in front and at the end of my 9 digit num...

CWebb by Neighbour
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Resolved! Remove contact in email

I have removed a contact in my Contacts & my Email Contacts list....however, when I go to New Mail and click on "To" this name is still on the list. How do I permanently remove it ?

Resolved! High Speed DSL

I've had the high speed dsl internet service now for a few months and it worked great for about a week or two. Then it started getting slow and dropping off to pretty much a trickle. I have the Internet 6 plan. I am the only person that uses my conne...

Styles416 by Friendly Neighbour
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