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PVR not recording

My PVR isn't recording my shows. They are set up as series recordings and set to anyday anytime. They show up as scheduled but then don't record. what is the problem?

User69420 by Just Moved In
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Telus Ideas Page response?

I posted a request/suggestion titled "Reminders or Auto-Tune!" back in July that was very popular, and the status was changed to "under review" but the last response from a Telus Representative was August 13! How do we get a further response?

Home wifi in BC will soon charge according to usage?

My first bill with telus came in within a few weeks of hook up! But it said that in the 1.5 weeks it covered, that we used 27.8gb/100gb allowed for our monthly plan. We weren't informed that we would be charged by usage when we subscribed. (It was su...

Resolved! bill overpayment

I accidentally sent you over $5000. for a bill payment of about $50. Please refund the surplus funds. Thank you. Account XXXXXXXX. Overpayment processed on Sept 15, 2015.

Seniors discounts

It is the seniors who built this Country. Suggest you give them a 10 % discount ,,across the board. garcon2014, Westbank B C

the new Voice Mail

In the old Telus Voice Mail system, if one wanted to know the caller's number and time and date info, it was a simple matter to press 5 and get that info, and press pound (#) to exit back to the message. Now all that is fed automatically before one e...

Sarlo by Just Moved In
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I need a new modem for an existing account. How do I arrange to get one?Daryl

jenkend by Just Moved In
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