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Resolved! bill overpayment

I accidentally sent you over $5000. for a bill payment of about $50. Please refund the surplus funds. Thank you. Account XXXXXXXX. Overpayment processed on Sept 15, 2015.

Seniors discounts

It is the seniors who built this Country. Suggest you give them a 10 % discount ,,across the board. garcon2014, Westbank B C

the new Voice Mail

In the old Telus Voice Mail system, if one wanted to know the caller's number and time and date info, it was a simple matter to press 5 and get that info, and press pound (#) to exit back to the message. Now all that is fed automatically before one e...

Sarlo by Just Moved In
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I need a new modem for an existing account. How do I arrange to get one?Daryl

jenkend by Just Moved In
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New Telus Homepage for and browsers

I am finding that the new page does not look pretty in any 6 bit browser like Waterfox or IE 64 bitIs this going to be addressed or do we have to just use 32 bit to make it look better?

Bigben12 by Neighbour
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how do i find something someone sent me

lyndaloo by Just Moved In
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