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Paying bill online


I have had difficulty in paying bill online.  Several attempts but I receive error message which informs me that I was not successful  Last year I changed from automatic debit.  I decided to go back to the automatic debit when I could not pay it myself.  The account indicates that this function has been enabled, but when I checked my credit card online this morning, I noticed there was no debit from Telus and it was not a pending transaction.  I checked my My Telus account and it now shows my March bill is overdue!!!  


It is so frustrating that, a company which was formed with the amalgamation of AGT (Alberta Government Telephones and EdTel (Edmonton Telephones) has no phone numbers on their website to which you can call and speak with a human being!!!  The virtual chat cannot solve this problem


Community Power User
Community Power User

There are a number of phone numbers listed in the ‘Contact Us’ section in the link at the bottom of the page.


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Same here - billing page/payment interface is down notoriously for weeks and months - happened last year twice - twitter support advises to use mobile app. Fine but a communications tech company with a dysfunctional website is pretty pathetic.

The idea with the phone number listed is pointless as it is for customers who like to hang in that queue for hours. I did that last year and obviously the friendly support in the Philippines can't do anything about it since it's obviously not their expertise. They walked me through an over the phone payment the old style.

I also went to a telus store and showed them what happens on the website - They were surprised but, you guessed it, nothing they can do as they only deal in mobility.

I am underwhelmed.