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Poor customer service and loyalty department

Just Moved In
Why I am paying $120 for internet and TV while so many while one in particular person was paying $168 for ( more than 7 theme pack Tv , internet and landline . He called Telus loyalty and got home security ( full package of security) for reduced $95 and also keeping all the Tv channels .

Called agent Trina , on top being rude and aggressive, says I should be happy with what I have because I’m having better than employees and even what she pays . Is that how Telus treat their existing customers????

Also Agent Josh escalating advisor was asking me for my friend details so he would contact him to verify . This is completely violating his privacy for the deal he got . Agent would not believe what I told him even though I’ve been loyal with Telus .

Over a month my internet services has been interrupted and has not been compensated for loss of services and that has caused much inconvenience for my kids online classes and exams which had to be retake .

I will send a copy of my complaint to CRTC for asking me to breach the privacy of a third party customer, not compensated for services loss yet paying full price of internet , rude and uncooperative and aggressive.