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Went to US during the long weekend, phone was blocked due to roaming charges over $500, called Telus four times, every time waited about 20 mins, from customer service to escalated department, every time promised will call back within 72 hours, never received their call in two weeks, problem still not solved, called again, Telus said my phone plan only has international Eazy roaming activated, and the US easy roaming is not apart of international plan, the guy's name from escalated department is ROBERT, not even listen to me and been very rude, very disappointed with Telus, poor service. Family has Rogers and wind mobile, never had any problem when travel to the US or other countries, Telus is very sneaky for their easy roaming. Will change to other carrier soon.
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EasyRoam is EasyRoam. The same program works for either US or International  billing, the difference being the daily fee. There is also a  transparent Canada-US plan where there are no additional costs to use your phone in the US.


I suggest calling escalations again.


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