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Worst Service I've Ever Experienced.


From waiting over 9 hours on the phone over two days, including a 2 hour wait to be redirected to the wrong department, just to wait longer. (probably designed that way, to decrease the amount of support techs they need to pay.) After that customer service asked me personal questions about why I need my internet to work and what I'm using it for. When I told him I was trying to live stream to twitch and wanted a better upload speed than 1mbps, he laughed at me and made fun of me, saying "oh so you wanna film yourself and upload it to the internet for everyone to see?" and other things along those lines. along with saying that its impossible on the device I have and it can only support a download speed of 25mbps, (which isn't the upload speed so he's not even talking to me about the right thing.) the following sentence he would say it is impossible to get speeds higher than 20 mbps. So now he is contradicting himself, and as I'm asking him to fix it he interrupts me to say is there anything else i can help with? so i responded "no if you cant help my download speed or my upload speed there's nothing you can help with" then he got cheery again and did the whole scripted thank you.  Either way I've NEVER gotten the service I'm paying for, which I pay a ridiculous 125$ a month for because our government is in bed with Telus, or too useless to change anything. my download speeds were what i was paying for, for only a single day after 8 hours on the phone they reset the network on there end (pressed a button) and everything worked, for a day, and then got progressively worse as time went on, until it was worse than before I called before the end of the week. I don't want to call 8 hours once a week to get talked down to by a support technician to have internet that barely works during the age of information. Its so unfair to be raping Canadians like this with your prices and expecting us to give soooo much of our time for something that should just work like we are paying an insane amount for it to work. I know I wont receive any sort of compensation for my time lost or the frustration I've endured or even just telus making my internet work. I Wish there was another option in my area, but our government/telus doesn't care about its "customers" at all and has no problem continuing to take money from Canadians and break laws with no repercussions. Cant believe I just gave more time to telus writing this but i honestly can't believe the treatment I've received on top of never receiving the service I'm paying for. Thanks again telus, should have known better growing up seeing my dad go through the same thing. 



Called again this morning to deal with 1mbps download speed, did the usual troubleshooting they ask for, didn't change anything like usual. Was told someone would call me later to fix it, looking forward to wasting more time and money with telus.


  was told on the phone it was impossible to have my upload speed surpass my download speed, wonder if I'm being throttled, hmm.