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Visual Voicemail on WiFi only


Could someone who has an iPhone and visual voicemail please test and see if visual voicemail can deliver messages when the connection to the mobile tower is off (airplane mode wifi calling on)?

Also, when you delete visual voicemail on the iPhone, does it actually delete on the voicemail or just mark it as read in the actual back end VM?


Anyone who could test these things, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.,


Community Power User
Community Power User
To my recollection, the VM is deleted from the system once the audio file is downloaded to your phone.
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Yes, supposed to be.  I have someone saying that the Apple 12.2 software is causing an issue where they aren't deleted, and I think it is not true, so if someone could test.  Another issue is a certain carrier locking out access to the visual vm unless it is on their data connection.  This causes problems with dual sim iphones, for example...

Testing would involve:

-leave a voicemail while the iPhone is on wifi calling (with no connection to the tower at all).

-see if the message downloads while the iPhone is connected to WiFi calling (no connection to tower)

-delete the message on the iphone and then check by pressing the 1 key for a few seconds to see if it is deleted on the back end.


I'm unable to do these tests on Telus at the moment, so would appreciate it if someone else would.


Thank you.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Turning Airplane mode on prevents connection to Wi-Fi calling on my phone, so it is difficult to test your scenario, as I do not have access to a landline where there is no cellular signal, and the phone switches to Wi-Fi calling.


A call to voicemail when on airplane mode results in no VVM until the phone is removed from Airplane mode. Viewing / listening to the VM is as expected once connected to the cellular network.


I am unable to access the audio voicemail service from the voicemail screen with VVM activated. Pressing "1" results  in receiving a message indicating there are no messages on the audio VM side of things.




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Thank you for trying.


In order for visual voicemail to work seamlessly on a dual sim phone, it has to connect data wise when the primary carrier is carrier A, Carrier B, or WiFi.  I am not in Canada so I can't test Telus for this at the moment.  It works flawlessly for AT&T accounts and the Red guys in Canada have it blocked.  I wanted to know what it is for Telus and Bell, but they don't have WiFi calling outside of Canada.   I appreciate your trying.