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Telus coverage in west-central and southern Manitoba, east-central Saskatchewan?




Is there anyone here from west-central Manitoba (ie Swan River area) or southern Manitoba (ie Killarney, Boissevain) who can tell me how Telus' cell coverage is in those areas?   How about east-central Saskatchewan, ie north of Yorkton?   I know Bell is solid in Manitoba, of course, but not so sure about Telus.




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Telus and Bell do not have any towers in Saskatchewan. They will share Sasktel's. Since you mentioned in the other discussion you have Sasktel as a provider, if you're in Saskatchewan you should never connect under another provider's network there. In Manitoba, Bell and Telus will be sharing towers. Boissevain and Killarney both have LTE and partial 3G towers in both of those towns. Partial 3G as in the towers are only listed as supporting 850MHz only, so data may not work on them under 3G since both 850MHz & 1900MHz are required for a full 3G connection. The Rogers towers there too have that limitation. Many rural Sasktel towers only support 850MHz too. That includes outside of Yorkton.


Cell tower map:

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@Nighthawk, thank you, learning about the technical reasons things are the way they are is interesting.  🙂 


I am wondering about Telus' coverage in the prairies provinces outside of larger centers because in the future we will end up changing from Sasktel, probably to Telus.  I don't want to find out the hard way that we have no cell service when we're visiting our family in central Manitoba or driving across Saskatchewan.  🙂 


We've lived north of Yorkton and had decent coverage with Sasktel, 3G and sometimes even LTE.  Data transfer quality varied.  But it was definitely there.  Not the "you have no internet" message.   Rogers customers in Swan River have LTE, but when my Sasktel phone roamed on Rogers, I was limited to 3G.  Once Bell took over MTS, my Sasktel phone roamed on Bell with LTE coverage.  When I'm in Manitoba, my iPhone likes to roam on Bell but I can force it to switch to Telus if I want to.  I am concerned that if I change to Telus as my provider, of course it's not going to roam on Bell or Rogers, and then I'm out of luck.  Right? 


I'm hoping a Telus customer who has been to these areas sees this and can say whether or not they get service in these areas.  🙂 


Seamless service would be nice, wouldn't it?  🙂 


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I would let your phone use the roaming carrier it chooses by default when travelling. Especially in Manitoba where most towers are Bell outside of a few corridors you can see on that map I linked to before. There are tower sharing agreements nationwide so no matter which carrier you use, you should be able to roam using another carriers towers if you're in a region where your carrier does not have towers.

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