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Stop Price Hike for $60 10/GB Rate Plan

With TELUS’ new TOS there nothing that stops them from increasing your rate plan costs on a BYOD.

They could implement a price increase every month! When you switch your ratebplan from one of the grandfathered ones to one of these new ones they do not highlight this. Sales people at the store don’t highlight this either.

The result is that 1 year ago they brought out this plan to fight another carrier and their plan. Now a year later TELUS is putting the screws to the folks that finally got a half decent plan from the big 3.

Furthermore TELUS decides their increase will be the highest of them at at a 16-17% increase and state it’s because of network improvements. If that is the case why does the cost not increase for everyone on a BYOD plan?

So how does TELUS counter the black lash? Offer you 15GB for $70. However, will not promise that there won’t be a price increase at some point. Can’t even promise 1 year.

Think about it! TELUS is offering 33% more data at the $10 increase, FOR SURE there will be another increase to increase their ARPU.

This increase is higher than the national infalation rate. This increase is ludicrous and people need to voice their concerns even if they are not on this plan as you will be subject to an arbitrary increase with no benefits to the end user.

This is horrible TELUS!!!! I expected much much more from you. I ensure you the minute I find a decent plan I’ll be leaving!

Community Power User
Community Power User
Telus’ old TOS was no different. They have the right to adjust any plan not on a contract with 30 days notice. This is not new.
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Do you have a copy of the old TOS?

And regardless this practice is new ... I worked for TELUS for 8 years and only price hike I saw was on the unlimited aircard rate plan ...

I also assume that you like paying more for the same service? With no additional benefits?

Community Power User
Community Power User
Check the cost of trying to acquire 10GB on any plan that exists now. Even $70 is still good bang for the buck.

Lol do you work TELUS? That’s exactly what they said me ... I did sign up with them based on the fact that $60 was an amazing price But increasing something by 16-17% because their contract people pay more? Why? This plan is not a share plan ... I can’t get a new phone on it ... I spent $1600 buying my own phone .. to increase without cause and a false reason of network enhancements is bogus ... if that is the case then all BYOD plans should feel this rath not just who spent hours waiting In Stores trying to get this plan with no fair warning that we will raise prices just because we want to.

I know exactly how much it costs TELUS for 1GB of data and it’s penys compared to what they charge the end user. Pricing should be going down and data buckets up ... especially since we are moving towards 5G. And don’t give me oh but look at the size of Canada blah blah I’ve heard all of those and those are just excuses ...

Anyways I think asking for help in preventing this price increase in the belly of the beast is fuetile.

I couldn't even imagine ever using 10GB of data in a month. I'd be lucky if I use a small fraction of that. I'd love to see some cheaper lower GB plans.

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Nighthawk I agree some people don’t use a lot but imagine a customer wanting to sign up has to pay $60-$70 for 1GB which is ridiculous... I straight up asked them for a cheaper plan. My option was cut my data in half and pay $65. Which is still a $5 increase.

Prior to to this bait and switch I was paying $40 with Fido for 6GB which I would gladly take back if I could and probably would have never left had I known TELUS was going to do this.

So yes if prices were reasonable and there were cheaper options I would also consider it.

Friendly Neighbour
It was indeed a dirty trick, considering front line teams were instructed to tell consumers the rate plan would NOT change price, so long as you dknt modify the plan, it's yours to keep, for a minimum of 2 years.

The offer of +5GB for $10 was smart, but you had to call to get it. Also if you want to know the real reason for the increase. One of the 3 companies head office decided they needed to increase the avg revenue per account and the other 2 followed suit when they caught wind.

The entire point of the plan, originally, was to mess with Freedom mobiles sales during Christmas time. It was legitimately a grade school level stunt that led to this disaster. LOL.