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RCS on Pixel 4 phones.


I have spoken with TelusMobility tech support today to ask about RCS rollout to Pixel 4/4XL phones.. (I know, silly me!).    

I was unable to get any idea of dates and told pixel 4 is not supported ... There was no answer when the I pointed out that the app and service was the same for pixel 2, 3 and 4 and the original statement of availability was made when the Pixel 4 was not in the market.


"I don't know" was the answer... 

Come on Telus, either be a technology company or stop trying to be a company, you need to be able to at least have people who can answer the questions rather than just search the support pages for us, and they need to be given reliable time lines, otherwise we might as well be living in the 3rd world.   (And a lot of those countries already have these services now).   I am a long term customer, but I'm seriously considering what I expect from my mobility supplier.


Eric, I agree with you. Not having RCS support from the start is really frustrating. I'm banging the drum from all angles the same as you, hopefully TELUS will hear us and take this seriously.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member
Hi Eric! Have you tried enabling chat features ON on your Pixel device? Thanks!