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Physician: Need to update plan during COVID19

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I am a physician in Canada - we have mostly transitioned to telehealth visits due to COVID19. I only have 500 minutes on my plan so I need to update it in order to do these telehealth visits from home (no landline at home and on a rotating schedule for clinic days to minimize exposure among staff). My physician colleagues have received free unlimited minutes and data from their phone companies. I would like to request the same for myself but I am unable to get through to any customer service reps to do this.

I am actually a Koodo customer. There are no options to speak to someone through Koodo. I tried to use the number on the telus website but it redirected me to the Koodo automatic message I encountered before.




Much appreciated. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Koodo has a $20 per month unlimited minutes add-on which you can apply through your self-serve portal. It is the best option until the end of your billing period, at which time you can switch to a plan with more minutes if you wish.  Any other change to your plan will likely result in A minutes charge due to the prorating of minutes on your plan.


Have a look in your Koodo self-serve for the unlimited minutes add-on.


If needed, ask for more help on their forum at

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