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Online phone delievery questions.

Just Moved In
Hi, yesterday (Jan 2nd 2020) I ordered a phone, and plan from Telus online. Just had a few questions will I receive the phone I ordered in 5-7 business days? Or will it processed in 5-7 business days. This is also my first ever phone plan in my name getting off my parents. But I wasn’t asked to sign up for anything just my email address. In the past we had Telus and my mother could use the My Telus app to look at data usage, pay monthly bill, etc. Will I be prompted to do this once my phone comes in the mail? One last question I tried keeping my old phone number that’s currently with Koodo but it said easy number transfer isn’t available, and I would be able to request through the My Telus app, if anyone could explain how that works would be lovely.