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Need some help/advice with Telus MOBILITY.

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So I'm at a loss and was wondering if anyone has any tips/advice.

I have been with TELUS for years now. I've had the Telus Loyalty&Voice 55 plan + 1GB of data for trouble I've had in the past - the plan was originally 500MB. I've always been able to keep my plan but even the loyalty department has been telling me now - despite my plan being grandfathered in - that if I want to upgrade phones, which I can since my new contract is over on the 21st, that I HAVE to change plans.

Not only that, but there are no more free phones with certain contracts? Every phone I've been able to get so far with this plan has been free or at the very least $50, etc. Last time I got a Samsung Galaxy A5, my current phone. I suppose I don't have to do anything, but I wouldn't mind getting a new phone. The battery life on it now hardly lasts a day.

I wouldn't mind going with the $70 10GB plan they offer now, but apparently now there's 2 different charges for the phone + contract each month? I can't afford $100+ a month.

Are all companies ( Telus + Bell + Koodo + Rogers, etc ) the same way now, with this whole pay for the phone + pay for the contract once a month thing? I know Koodo is owned by TELUS but are things different there? Is there any sort of ammo I can go with to get a better plan? I'm not even necessarily wanting to pay less ( my total bill up until now has been $63.25 every month and that's fine for me ), but I don't want to pay over $100 every month. I can't.

I'm in the Nova Scotia/Cape Breton area. I don't know if things differ through provinces or not.


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Yes, all the carriers have moved to a separation of phone costs, in part, due to the ever increasing price of phones.

In addition, as a flagship brand, Telus offers plans with many benefits, such as large data allowances, etc., which may not have value for you. As you have already mentioned Koodo, you may wish to see if they are a better fit for your needs.


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Carriers are moving away from bundling devices with plans. This is in part due to CRTC rules for contract lengths, device locking etc. It's much simpler to offer a plan separately from the device. Plans can now have terms which are separate from the terms of the device financing. I think it's better overall because it makes it clear where your money is going and what happens if you decide to keep one but not the other. It also makes it easier to compare offers when you are shopping around.



I don't know what they have for mobile shops there, but a lot of them sell refurbished used phones.  Also, retailers like Best Buy often sell cheaper android phones which are unlocked.  You're likely going to have to pay for the phone separately wherever you go - and you don't have to get it from your mobile carrier.  There's no good answer to your question because a lot of phones have really gone up in price.