Mobility for Good Place: Canadian Unlimited Nationwide Minutes but still LD charge?

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My father just set up his Mobility for Good place, and the promoted service is Canadian unlimited nationwide calling and texting. However below that on his confirmation form in the included services section, there's a "Canadian LD @ 0.60". Is that to mean "long distance calling within Canada is at a rate of 0.60/min", because it should be unlimited? I'd just like some clarity as to what that service indicates please!

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All the fine print is here


  1. Taxes and pay-per-use charges (including long distance, roaming and additional airtime or data) are extra. The cost of service used while roaming outside Canada will vary by zone. Currently, voice roaming in the US is charged at $1.50/minute. Visit for details. Plus applicable provincial or municipal government 911 fees in Nova Scotia (43¢), PEI (70¢), New Brunswick (53¢), Saskatchewan (94¢), Quebec (46¢), Alberta (44¢), and Newfoundland and Labrador (75¢). The cost of data used while roaming outside Canada will vary by zone. Visit for details. Premium and subscription messages are not included. Text messages sent from Canada to a non-Canadian phone number will be charged at 40¢/message. Text messages sent while roaming outside of Canada will be charged at 60¢/message. Visit for details. Multimedia messaging used while outside of Canada is charged as data roaming. Messages sent using iMessage may incur data charges. Rates and offers are subject to change without notice.”

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