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Keeping the same number while changing operator

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At the moment I have a cell phone with Bell, but I would like to change my phone, as well as the operator for Telus
My current cell phone is paid by, and is in my father's name, so technically it belongs to him.
I understand, while researching the internet, that I can keep my phone number by contacting Telus when purchasing my phone and plan, and say that I want to keep my number, which is currently with Bell. Is it true ? And if it is, can I do it myself, or is it my dad who has to take care of that, because he own my current cellphone ? (Note that this new phone would be in my name, and paid by me)

PS : Please note that due to the current pandemic situation, it is not possible for me or my father (who is not in Canada at the moment) to go and find information somewhere, so I ask the question here, hoping for a clear answer.


You can port a phone number from another carrier as long as the owner of the account provides authorization. You will need to contact Bell to ask what your father needs to do to authorize it.

Thanks for your help ! 🙂 
Because I read that I didn't need to contact Bell, so I was really confused

It would be scary if it could be done without some kind of verification. What would stop me from taking your number and intercepting all your banking or PayPal SMS 2FA codes?

Community Power User
Community Power User

The usual process would be to complete a Transfer of Ownership at Bell. You can then port your number where ever your wish.


If your line is simply ported to Telus, it would be expected to still be in his name, not yours.


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