Just got scammed on BIB S20 Plus be careful people

I have an offer for an s20 plus on bring it back for 14.17 a month for 2 years and 320$ after to keep it and I have proof in my account of this and Telus reps and supervisors say it's a mistake, that they'll correct the offer but in reality it's 620$ to keep it.

I cancelled my order and I will cancel my line in a month.

This is false advertisement and it's very deceiving.

In two years, a whole bunch of people will have to pay 620$ instead of 320$.

I'm sharing this here to warn people not to fall victim to this deception.

I'll be posting this information on red flag deals forums, Facebook and Twitter. This isn't a threat, it's just a heads up.

There's a good explanation of the bring it back terms in this thread.
It's not a good explanation, go see what I wrote.. I don't see in my offers a Bring-It-Back Bonus, I only see a "device credit". Very very misleading for people with the same deals as me.
TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

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The Bring-It-Back amount was in fact: $320 not the $620 that was verbally discussed.

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