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Data Overage Charges that CANNOT be adjusted

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Yesterday I exchanged my broken iPhone X at the Apple Store in Newmarket, ON.  I was charged $145 to exchange my device as it was deemed "unrepairable" which seemed strange since I have the full Apple Care warranty on the device....but that's for another thread.  Once my new phone was initialized with the help of the Apple employee, I left the store and proceeded to kill some time walking around the mall.  Unbeknowst to me, my phone started downloading all the previous apps and their data from my last iCloud backup.  As I was not on wifi, these downloads were being done via my data plan.  When I left the mall I received my first 75% data usage warning. It was quickly followed by the 90% warning, then 100%, then $25 overage and finally my data being locked out at $50. All this happened within a 10-15 min span while I was driving home.  As soon as I noticed these warnings I attempted to turn my phone off to stop the downloading (I didn't think about airplane mode at the time), but it was too late. 


I called Telus today to see what could be done to - A) Unblock my data as I am a Real Estate Professional who uses his phone for business many times throughout the day and B) To reverse some of these charges or receive some type of bill credit based on this extremely rare situation.


The Telus employees that I spoke to were helpful and attempted to remedy the situation but informed me that their hands were essentially tied as Telus had a "new policy" against ANY and ALL bill credits on data charges!  I find this extremely short sighted and frustrating.  I have a 10GB data plan and based on my last few months of usage....average about 5GB a month.  I've been a client since Telus was CLEARNET in Ontario and I've been loyal to them as a service provider for 15 plus years!  I've complained very little in that time about the sky rocketing cost of cell phone and data plans and the steady decline of customer service.  But I was extremely disappointed in the display of customer neglect and greed that I was exposed to today.


Shame on you Telus for turning your backs on your most loyal and longest standing clients.....the regular folks that keep YOU in business.  I know when I go to purchase my next phone, I will make a much more concentrated effort to explore other possibilities for service providers.




A very disappointed long time customer  




Community Power User
Community Power User
Technically it's the Apple Store "Genius" that never notified you data will be consumed when they did an icloud restore on the device. They should have turned off the data or waited till your phone downloaded all the apps on their wifi. While the situation understandably is frustrating Telus has no idea what data the device is consuming. I would talk to Apple Since they're the ones that put you in the pickle.

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