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Any advice dealing with Telus mobility loyalty department

Just Moved In

I'm really not happy with my service and plan. And the new phone I want is at both telus and Rogers. I only have 12 months left on my 3 year so I don't mind breaking contact.

But before I jump ship I was wondering if anyone had some advice when dealing with the loyalty department to negotiate a better rate?

Any particular kiosks or stores to look out for?

Before anyone says I can't go to wind or virgin or fido or koodo due to either work travel or the network speed restrictions and not to mention not having the phone I want. 😞


Community Power User
Community Power User

You will have to call the loyalty department and speak to them yourself to see if and what deal they give you. Each individual account is it's own case. If you're not currently a customer of Telus the loyalty department won't do anything for you. What carrier are you with?

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Community Power User

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