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Need help with selecting a SIM card

I'm looking at getting the Pre-Owned Nokia Lumia 520 from the TELUS site, and was wondering if the "Telus NFC Sim" card will work with it?The description says that it's for all regular and micro SIM phones, and the Lumia 520 is a Micro SIM. Asking as...

Shelby__ by Neighbour
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Do the Certified Pre-Owned Phones Come with a Sim Card?

looking at buying a pre-owned phone from TELUS online, and it does not say whether or not it comes with a Sim Card. I can NOT use the live chat as I do not have an account with TELUS, and therefore don't have a PIN number or a phone bill to be able t...

Shelby__ by Neighbour
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Resolved! Was Wondering if this Unlocked Phone was Compatible with Telus's Requirements (Samsung-G S5 Mini)

Hey, I was wondering if this phone was compatible with Telus's network requirements.Also, if it is; how does one go about attaining the appropriate SIM card as an existing customer?Thanks a bunch!-Established Polar Bear-Edit-I'm planning on purchasin...

How do I stop read receipts from sending hundreds of times?

I recently reset my Galaxy S6 because I was having some problems with it. As soon as I restored my backup, one of my friends with an iPhone starting receiving texts that said "your message to xxx-xxx-xxxx(my number) has been read". She was getting at...

bzampa by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Help for Huawei smartphone.

Greetings to the neighbourhoodI´m just speaking from Spain, and I´ve got a question.My doughter´s going to travel from Spain to Ontario area, and she wants to use her current smartphone that she recently bought here in Spain, the device is a Huawei A...

LG G4 accessory kit

Does Telus offer the free accessory kit(SD card, extra battery and battery charger ) with the LG G4 that other carriers are offering (Rogers for example), if not, why?

rg78 by Just Moved In
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Will This HTC M7 Work with Telus?

Will I get 2G, 3G, 4G, or LTE?

TheLumina by Just Moved In
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Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III doesn't get any data.

Hi,I just a contract with Telus and I have my own device : Samsung I9300 Galaxy S IIII can phone with it, and receive some texts, but I can't get any data. Is this normal ?According to gsm arena, the supported bands are :2G bands GSM 850 / 900 / 1800...