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Track+ location is shifting

Greetings, My Telus Track+ location has been shifting and jumping. Two addresses in the last few minutes have been: 2813 Leigh Road, Victoria5612 Donavon Avenue, BurnabyThe Track+ is here on my desk. Why is the location jumping all over the place? Th...

Shane by Leader
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Resolved! pairing two identicle 1st gen iphone SE's

I have one phone as main and one as backup. I can pair my bluetooth headphones with no problem, but can not pair to each other.Mals iphone and Als iphone.I have both apple ID's [ email addresses] in their opposite contacts and both use the same acces...

malcx by Organizer
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~ Enable VoLTE OnePlus 6T?

I recently purchased a factory sealed OnePlus 6T and popped in my SIM. I get only 4G data and H(+) during calls. So I decided to enable VoLTE via my devices settings. No dice.After scouring the web for information, I came across two methods to get th...

Resolved! Peace of Mind Plan… throttling, what Telus doesn’t mention.

This is my second summer using the Peace of Mind Plan on my iPhone. I use a second device (iPad) to access the internet when we travel for road maps, businesses such as fuel and rest stops, even to play podcasts or music while on the road. We boost o...

Where's my order?

I ordered iPhone 12 online and I check the status everyday. Few days ago I received an email saying that I should provide 2 valid IDs at the store and I did. The next day, the status of my order moved to step 3. I didn't know what's the step 2.Now, t...

Resolved! Need help to transfer photos/to new cell phone

HI I have a new Telus packard bell flip phone. I am not sure how to transfer my Photos and music off of my samsung cell phone so I can transfer this stuff to my new cell phone. The reason I am trying this is because on the homepage of my new cell pho...

Resolved! I want to make a copy of my complete text message histories

I am moving mobility service providers and want to ensure I don't lose my text history as most texts include important information for my business. How do I save everything to my desktop computer? or migrate it to my new provider?

Gr8Gr by Neighbour
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Resolved! No order confirmation

I ordered 2 iPhone 12s in store today to be shipped to home as they didn’t have them in store. I haven’t received an order confirmation yet. How long does it typically take?

Wilson99 by Neighbour
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Credit Check Thresholds

I had some money issues last year that I've since resolved, but my credit score took a hit as a result. Wondering if anyone knows what the credit score breakdown is for Telus - at what score do they require a down payment, at what score do they say n...

Duggee by Neighbour
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Resolved! Switch from Koodo...SIM CARDS

I am waiting for the delivery of SIM cards to transfer 2 phones from Koodo to TELUS. Should I remove the Koodo SIM cards and replace them with the new TELUS cards before I phone to activate ? On line instructions are not clear. As well am I correct i...

BarryN11 by Friendly Neighbour
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