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Wifi Calling stopped working today

Just Moved In
Not sure if there is a network issue but randomly today my wifi calling was disabled and when I go to re-enable it just goes through an endless loop of me putting in my address and it sitting on "requesting service. Please wait..."
The cellular quality is super flaky where I live so I depend on this to have a proper phone call.

Community Power User
Community Power User

What phone are you using?

I have had Wi-Fi calling on my phone for years, and used it across Canada without having to re-enable it, so it likely is not a network issue. My experience includes both Telus and Bell networks at both ends of the country. As long as I can connect to a solid Wi-Fi signal I'm good.


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Just Moved In
I have the same issue, but not new phone. S21, software upgrade, wifi calling has been working rofl 2 years and suddenly stopped. Same "requesting service" loop, and I also suffer from concrete walls and need this service.