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Black Friday iPhone 13

Friendly Neighbour
I took Advantage of the Black Friday deal and ordered a new iPhone 13.
It’s been 5 days now and haven’t received any updates. Wondering if anyone is in the same boat?
Tried to contact customer support but it just keeps saying they are closed

Community Power User
Community Power User

Apple itself is quoting 7-10 business days for delivery for the iPhone 13. Not sure about Telus but demand is high and availability is limited.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

I'd also like an update .. I'm in the same boat. No updates .. nothing . And I have the service agreement pdf confirmation .

Regardless of delay ... They should be sending out updates . I have my service agreement and everything ... And nothing has been shipped or applied to my account. Kinda unnaceptable

So I resorted to contacting TELUS help through Twitter a couple times and after some persistence I got an update email finally! I suggest using this platform if you want answers

What did the update email say?

I ordered an iPhone 13 on 30th Nov, no update and can't get through to anyone. Did you receive your phone yet?

The email said it has been processed for shipment and that I’d receive the tracking # once sent out. Still hasn’t been shipped tho, but at least I got Some sort of an update. I’ll be continuing to contact them via Twitter if it goes into next week.

After much waiting and not much update, I finally Received tracking info that my phone will arrive today.


I ordered 2 phones, one blue and one pink. The pink one arrived but no action on the blue one. Wait times are an hour on the phone and seems like online chat agent is closed all the time and doesn't work anyways. What a disaster for support.

Thanks for the reply. I ordered Blue too!
I guess they’re popular or haven’t had enough produced. Hopefully there’s action soon

Hi heather,


Did your phone ship yet? I ordered the blue one too for my wife.  So far nothing, no replies to emails, can't get through on the phone, just tried twitter to see if anyone answers that.  Such bad service, they could at least update everyone on what the issue is.


It says “shipped” but I still do not have a tracking # so I’m thinking it hasn’t. Yeah this is the first time I’ve experienced bad customer service. I can Appreciate if there’s a back log but I agree At least send updates.