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why will my iPhone 14 pro max take 4-6 weeks to ship?


I preordered a iPhone 14 pro max 1tb on preorder date at 8:30am, when I was ordering the information was that all preorders for the iPhone 14 pro max model would ship on the 16 but I got an email saying my order would take 4-6 weeks to ship. that's bull**bleep**, what's the point of preordering than? I relied on the info on the site to make my purchasing decision and the info was all crap!!!!!!!!!!



My order was delayed for a good hour and a half on the Apple website and the only way I got around it was by navigating another way.  By the time I got my order it, I was up to the beginning of October.  So who knows. Sorry yours is delayed.  Mine is too.

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What email did you get that stated 4-6 weeks? I got my order for a 512gb pro max completed at 8:21am ET and never got any email stating delivery time. I’ve also emailed the online store and have yet to get any reply back. Essentially I have no idea what’s going on and it’s crazy they are not telling anyone anything. Also, if I click into my order status all it says is order processed and the odd part is the date placed keeps chatting the current day. Crazy stuff indeed.

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went to Telus and did the preorder my order went through 15 min after the order opened and I had still not received any info saying that I had the order or any details the only way I know I have it is because the Telus app says it’s on there, I called yesterday and I was told my phone was coming end of October and it was not a guarantee, I ordered a 14 pro max 256gb, I’m really pissed about this, I what is the point of doing a preorder if you won’t get the phone on time

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Community Power User

As I mentioned in the other discussion on this topic, Apple is the bottleneck. Even ordering directly from Apple has a minimum 6 week wait for just the base 128GB 14 Pro Max.  Apple is still giving a 6 to 7 week estimate (31 Oct. - 7 Nov.) currently. The regular 14 Pro 128GB is only slightly better with a shipping estimate of 24 Oct. - 31 Oct.

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