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Black Friday Rip Off

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My business account has five mobile numbers on it. Two of them are currently with newer devices and so still have some time in their two year contracts to go. Three were using older Samsung phones and were now on a month to month basis. The phones were still working and while we'd discussed upgrading, we were sticking with the old phones because of the costs.


But then, I was called by the Telus retention team an offered a great "Black Friday" deal. We were offered new Samsung S22 Ultra phones, but the monthly amount was going to go up, so I wasn't too inclined to switch. Then the rep threw in tablets and smart watches. I asked several times what that was going to cost us. I was assured that they were absolutely free - no extra cost. The only change I would see was an additional $11 on our current monthly rate, which was around $50. 


So, you can imagine my chagrin when Telus billed us over $1,200 on our next bill. Not only were there connection fees for every new device of $50 each ($300 in connection fees), but the monthly charge went up to $84 per month for the new devices -- way more than an additional $11 per device on our previous monthly charge. And they added data plans of $10 each for the watches and tablets! Plus plus plus. No mention of data plans was made when I was sold this deal. 


Besides the huge connection fees, this new plan that was suppose to cost us $33 more per month DOUBLED monthly bill! 


Beware of deals offered by Telus. I'll be looking to switch to Bell and Rogers at this rate.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry to hear about the experience. Did you get a chance to connect with our customer care team about this yet? Given this requires a look at your account details, it would be the first step I can suggest - our team can compare what you're on vs what was offered and remediate where necessary.