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Nokia lumina windows 8 cell Phone

Yesterday i recieved a txt message and instead of it going into the inbox i found the message in the outbox it looked like i was the one that was writing the message. the same thing happened again tonight. the message again was in the outbox and it l...

Blondie by Just Moved In
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Xperia Z2

Hi there, I am due for a new phone now and was looking into the Xperia Z2 and noticed an article saying that this phone would only be available on with Bell Canada. Is this true? Will Telus get it eventually? Peter

Traydor by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Firmware

I purchased a Huawei LTE B593 Telus Smart Hub on ebay. The firmware was originally V100R003C464SP058.I had it flashed to unlock the antenna features. The new firmware is V100R001C82SP055. I now need to upgrade back to the Telus firmware. Can anyone t...

ossieb4 by Just Moved In
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Device Upgrade?

I was looking at upgrades and there were a few great deals... When I went back to review, the deals were gone and now I feel like I will never upgrade now that I know what was available.

Heather1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Samsung S5

when will the new samsung s5 be available? how much will it cost to upgrade to? how much trade in value would i get for a Samsung S4?

egorf38 by Just Moved In
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