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Defective Device

I received a defective iPhone 14 Pro November 15 and I have spent hours and hours on chat, phone and in-store since it arrived trying to return my old device which was part of the return it program as well as get my new iPhone 14 Pro to work. I even ...

KM18 by Friendly Neighbour
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How to unlock an iphone 6s

I have an iphone 6s that is ancient. Was a customer of Telus for over 40 years, until today. I inserted the sim card from the new carrier and to my surprise the long paid for (8 years) phone is locked to Telus.Soooo I tried to chat and all I got was ...


I received a defective iPhone 15. Spoke to Telus around 17th October. I was told that the handset would be exchanged and to date, no one has called. I called Telus and Webstore many times but they keep giving false assurances that someone will call a...

SumitR by Neighbour
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Resolved! activations fee

why on every new phone there is a activation fee when already customer? I find this annoying. Thanks

HOTROD2023 by Friendly Neighbour
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free up grade

so today went to get a new phone the rep said sorry no one called from Loyaltee I called today and the rep was really rude from Telus to me 2 times in a row. If I hear her answer again do I right to hang up and call back to someone else? I hope calls...

HOTROD2023 by Friendly Neighbour
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Samsung A54 charger

Does anyone know if normal to take up to 3-5 hrs on reg wall plug? I have a wall brick here it was hot so unplugged it and plugged into my netbook USB thanks

HOTROD2023 by Friendly Neighbour
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Phone Repair through Telus

Team,I am writing to express my deep dissatisfaction with the repair services I recently received for my Samsung Galaxy Fold 3.In December 2022, I took the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 256GB Black from Telus online. Unfortunately, in September...

No cellular on new iPhone/SIM card

I have a new iPhone with new SIM. I have my old iPhone with its own SIM. My new phone doesn’t have cellular data but my old phone does. How do I get the cellular to work on new phone? Do I need to remove sim from old phone?Thanks!