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Bring it back program is a joke

I didn't realize most people have their mobile contract in hand to know when to bring back their phone on time with the bring it back program. I missed the date to bring it back by, and they charged me for the phone. I called Telus and asked if I cou...

Bad call connection

How can i fix bad connection when talking on iphone? Wifi provided by Rogers has no issues for anything else. When i use my iphone (telus service provider)in my house, the connection is terrible. How can I fix this?

Chris13 by Just Moved In
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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Bring it back eligibility

Hi All I have a Galaxy flip that I got on the bring it back program and my 2 years is up. I went to return the phone but was told the the screen is cracked. The crack is right where the phone folds.There is no other damage to the screen and I was tol...

Xperia 1 V - IMS registration randomly de-registered

Good day, I am currently using an Xperia 1 V (US) and all features including 5G are working as intended. IMS was registered up until a few days ago and I was able to use VoLTE, so the hardware shouldn't be a problem. However, it randomly de-registere...

Maki8877 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! SIM swap for prepaid phones

Hello. I need to swap my old regular SIM and after following the instructions to in the "How to Swap Your SIM Card Online" post I found that option is not available to me. Are prepaid customers not allowed to do this online or am I missing something?...

jjr57 by Just Moved In
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Phone not ringing on telus callback

Hoping someone can help here. I booked a callback from Telus yesterday so I can discuss my internet plan. I went to great effort to be available at the appointed time, since they don't do callbacks outside business hours. My phone did not ring once, ...

andybee by Just Moved In
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Bring It Back Program Phone Switch

Hi, I am kind of lost in the search process. I am with TELUS for 1.5years for now after a win back offer where I got 2 new phones and 3 lines for my family with a win back plan and Bring it back device. Now I want to upgrade my phone and plan but whe...

Bring it back

Hello Telus. I am having a real struggle to get a Bring it Back shipping label. Here is the situation:I bought a new phone on the Telus website. I received it on Monday 24th July. I have activated the new phone.I need to return my old phone by mail u...

GM2 by Just Moved In
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